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Have you already written your IELTS and need help finding employment in the UK?

We have a solid network of employers and recruiters in the UK who are very eager to talk to you.  We help take away a lot of the uncertainty that goes around the move and depending on your occupation and experience we can help you negotiate perks like free flights, re-imbursement of Visa costs, free startup accomodation, etc.  Talk to us and let us help you negotiate the best deals.

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International Healthcare Recruitment

International Nurses AdvertSouth Africa is well known and respected for the quality of Healthcare Professionals.  They have a reputation of excellent skills, education and the willingness to work hard.   Although we hate to see them leave the country,  many of them are keen to travel and gain international experience. 

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Why use SA Talent

Are you struggling to find scarce skills in your country?  We have the solution for you.

Hire a South African.  You probably know that South Africans are prone to painting their faces in the South African flag at sporting events, eating dried salted meat and saying funny things like Howzit - but what you also know is that many South Africans are extremely talented and looking for international opportunities.

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Hire Developers - Get them while they are fresh.

Right now it seems the whole world is fighting for skilled and experienced developers, they are like gold. If you are one of the employers struggling, here are some ideas for building your team.

  1. Get them while they are fresh – hire the graduates. For every senior developer you employ, you should employ at least an additional two juniors. These may be straight out of their studies. They often have great skills, no experience but they will be happy to work at a fraction of what you are paying the senior.

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Fixed Term Contract vs Probation

For many years, companies have used a Fixed Term Contract as a way of “trying out” a potential new employee before appointing them in a permanent job.   Although this may seem like a good idea, it is actually quite dangerous. 

Firstly, the labour courts and the CCMA are very aware of this practice, and don’t look kindly on it.  Section 186(1)(b) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (LRA) protects the rights of the temporary employee, if he/she can prove that any actions on the part of the employee lead them to believe that the contract would be extended.   So if a manager were just to mention that the job could be permanent and then doesn’t offer full time employment, the courts would look at the termination as a dismissal, irrespective of what the contract says.

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